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For institutions that want to provide students a “real world” experience of living and working in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore, Phi Beta Dingo offers 6-15 week internship programs in each country from May - August each year. Phi Beta Dingo works individually with each and every University to develop customized internship programs in country. Similar to the design and development process applied to short courses, Phi Beta Dingo works closely with University faculty to create an internship program for students that will provide exactly the right workplace experience to enhance a student’s international education.

Internships can be designed to earn a student academic credit or be structured as a non-credit internship. For internships that earn academic credit, each home University works with Phi Beta Dingo to ensure the academic merit of the internship program. In some cases, the home University will send a faculty advisor to mentor the students and monitor their progress in the workplace during the period of the internship.

Student applications are now closed for the May-August 2014 internship programs in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore. Students interested in finding out more about this program should contact the international programs office at their business school.


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