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Phi Beta Dingo Pty. Ltd. designs and develops customized itineraries for students and faculty coming to Australia & New Zealand for the educational and adventure experiences of a lifetime. We are a “one stop shop” for faculty and international study centers at Universities around the world looking to design and deliver the perfect blend of academic content, cultural experience, travel and adventure activities, and suitable student accommodation for short courses.

Designing your experience
Whether your University faculty leaders are designing a one week course to Sydney, Australia or a 2 month course that visits Perth, Cairns, Melbourne, and Sydney in Australia and then Auckland, Queenstown and other locations in New Zealand, Phi Beta Dingo works very closely with the Faculty and University administration to design and deliver exactly the right itinerary. By managing all of the logistics from the minute the group steps off the plane to the time the group boards the flight home, University faculty will be free to focus on research and teaching.

Cultural and professional delegations
Depending on the needs and requirements of the University, Phi Beta Dingo also helps organize the right meetings and tours and cultural visits by working very closely with the faculty on the course content that is delivered throughout the itinerary. There is no delegation too large or too small. Phi Beta Dingo has successfully organized and executed many student delegations ranging in size from as few as 10-12 students with 1-2 faculty leaders to as many as 55-65 students with 7-8 faculty leaders. Our objective is to help the University create the best possible short course so that students and faculty leaders are free to focus their attention on experience, learning, research... and having a great time, of course.

Customized internships
Phi Beta Dingo also has new service designing and developing customized internships, combining the overseas travel experience to Australia & New Zealand with workplace experience in a wide range of fields. Phi Beta Dingo will help to place the student in an internship that is exactly suited to their needs and educational requirements. Please see “internships” for more information about these opportunities.

If your interests for short course and internship experience are beyond Australia & New Zealand, please feel free to visit the sites for our subsidiaries in Europe and Asia/Pacific. Phi Beta Euro designs and develops short courses in Europe, while Phi Beta Dingo Asia Ltd. handles Asia/Pacific outside of Australia & New Zealand. Internship support services and opportunities are also available in Europe and Asia.


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